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FOOD || Chocolate Crème Crepes featuring Edwards Hershey Crème Pie

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Hi guys! Can I just expound for a moment on a favorite subject of mine?  Pie.  If you follow me on Instagram or check out my Recipes page, you will see that I am a big fan of pie!  For at least the last 20 years -- since I married my husband – we have celebrated my birthday with a delicious chocolate pie.  He’s not much of a baker.  I mean, he can bake, it’s just not something he enjoys as much as I do and I’m OK with that because it means he always buys me a heavenly Edwards Hershey Crème Pie.  Some of our friends {and children} think it’s a little weird to have pie for your birthday instead of cake, but I never hear anyone complaining when they are scarfing down my delicious pie!  I tend to think of pie as a “special occasion dessert”, reserved for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday.  The truth is, Edwards pies are so simple and delicious you can eat them to celebrate most any occasion, including surviving a long, hard week of work {can I get an Amen?!}, or a simple hankering for creamy chocolate dessert!

This past week I was experiencing both of the aforementioned "occasions", so when I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work on Friday to stock up on groceries for the weekend, I threw a couple of Edwards pies into the cart along with the milk, eggs, and cereal on my list.  I love the new design of the packaging – like a party in a box.  Rest assured, they may have a new look, but you’ll get the same amazing flavor as always!   

I was feeling a little creative, so with a tiny little bit of effort I transformed my favorite Edwards Hershey Crème Pie into Chocolate Crème Crepes and blew my family away!   You’ll have to deconstruct the pie, which feels like a bit of a sacrilege, but you’ll get over it when you see {and taste} the end result, trust me.  Here’s how:

You’ll start by removing the whipped cream from around the top edge of the pie.  I thawed my pie first, but I think it would be easier, and the cream would hold its shape better, if you removed it while it was still frozen.  I used a frosting spreader and carefully lifted the whipped cream off the pie and onto a plate.  Put the plate of whipped cream dollops back into the refrigerator until ready to serve.

When the pie is completely thawed according to package directions, carefully scoop all the filling out of the crust and into a mixing bowl.  Try not to get any crust in the bowl.  It’s OK if you get a little, so don’t stress about it!

Whip the filling with your mixer, or blend it by hand with a spoon, until it looks like fluffy, yummy chocolate mousse.  Refrigerate the filling until ready to serve.

Crumble the chocolate pie crust and set aside.  You will use this as a crunchy topping for your crepes.

Next you will need 8-10 crepes.  My husband makes amazing crepes from scratch using this simple Basic Crepes recipe. I didn’t do it this time, but decided while eating them that it would be super-yummy if you replaced ¼ cup of flour in the crepe recipe with ½ cup of crumbled cookie crust.  If you’ve never made crepes from scratch before, don’t be intimidated!  It’s not at all difficult, but you could also buy refrigerated store-bought crepes if you prefer.  

Fill each crepe with a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate filling and roll up.  Place crepes seam-side down on a serving plate.  Top with crumbled cookie crust and a few whipped cream dollops.  For over-the-top decadence, drizzle some hot fudge or chocolate sauce on top and sprinkle on a few slivered almonds.  {I plan to do that next time!} 

These crepes were a huge hit with my boys.  You could do the same thing with any of the delicious Edwards pies – I mean, how yummy would Key Lime Crepes be for an Easter dessert?  Or Reese's Peanut Butter Crème Crepes for a night with your girlfriends?  I had planned to make Turtle Crème Crepes using that second pie, but it didn't survive my teenage boys and their friends on Friday night.  I can't blame them -- it really is irresistible. Use your imagination and go crazy with it next time you’re celebrating something big – or small!! 

Happy Spring, y'all!!


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