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2015 Christmas Card Templates


Hi guys!  Every year we get fewer and fewer holiday cards and newsletters in the mail.  It’s a bummer.  I mean, I get it.  We’re all on social media.  We see everything as it happens these days so the old family newsletter seems unnecessary.  But there’s just something so nice about getting happy mail from old friends in December.  I considered – briefly – not sending a card out this year, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  As always, I’m sharing the blank template with y’all.  Send some happy mail to your friends and family this year!!  Send some to me – I’d love it!  

Here’s the front side of our card:

Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!

And the back side:

Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!

We thought it might be fun to do a "Two Truths and a Lie" game in lieu of a traditional newsletter on the back this year. It's fun to switch it up and keep our family and friends guessing!

I created templates in four different color schemes -- red, black and gray with red berries, and gray with white berries {the one I used for our card above}.  
Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!

The back side comes in gray or black.

The templates are available to download for your personal use here.  

If you're looking for a different style, this was our 2014 Hashtag Holiday Card:

Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!

Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!
Holiday Card Templates from / -- just add your own photos and text!
It is available to download for personal use as well.   I wrote a tutorial about how to add the photos to it at Craftaholics Anonymous, where I shared the templates last year. I'm working on a detailed tutorial about how to add text to an image in Gimp that should be helpful as well!

If you are interested in having me add your photo and information to either of these templates for you, contact me via email {[email protected]} or message me on Facebook.  I typically charge $15, unless you want some major customization which might cost a little more.

Happy Holidays!



Living Christ Printables

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /

Hi guys!  I’m super excited that the holiday season is finally here.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, GIFTS are my love language!  I LOVE giving gifts to the people in my life to let them know how special they are.  Hand-made gifts are my absolute favorite to give {and receive}.  For the next few weeks I will be sharing several easy gift ideas with y’all  so you can incorporate hand-made into your holiday giving as well.  Today I’m sharing these fun printable versions of The Living Christ.  Nothing could be easier than popping a printable into a frame, right?!

I designed these for our church women’s group.  This year we have been studying The LivingChrist together {and attempting to memorize it!} , so we thought it would be nice for everyone to have a beautiful framed copy in their home. Many of the women purchased extra copies to give as Christmas gifts for friends and family members.  We got together one night and painted old frames that we already had in our homes or picked up at thrift stores.  I loved seeing all the beautiful frame and printable combos people came up with!  
Here are a few I made for demonstration purposes:

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /
I made eight different designs, hoping that there would be at least one everyone would like for their home.

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /

Each design is available as an 8x10 and an 11x14 printable.  Download and print them for your personal use from my Drop Box here.

Free Printables of The Living Christ -- 8 options available at /

I had them printed on 110 lb. glossy coverstock at my local Staples Copy & Print Center.  You will print them on 81/2 x 11" and/or 11 x 17" paper and trim them down to size.  If you are purchasing them in large quantities {for a church activity, etc.} I found the best deal was at Best Value Copy.  I think I bought about 100 copies total and the price after shipping was about $.50 each for a full color 11x17 on really nice, thick coverstock.   Shipping rates are kind of high there so unless you are buying many prints {or have a free shipping code} you’re probably better off having them printed locally.  

Find coordinating Family Proclamation printables here! I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Have a great day, friends!



Scripture Post-Its

Printable Post-it Notes for your scriptures from /
Hi guys!  Over the past couple of years my Scripture Post-its have been among the most popular printables on the blog.  I am so excited that so many people are finding them helpful, but I feel like I owe everyone a HUGE apology.  As is so often the case in my life, I was super excited and got the first half of the Book of Mormon done relatively quickly . . . aaaaand theeeen . . . I fizzled out.  Other projects became priorities and this one got put on the back burner.  Eventually it fell off the figurative stove entirely.

Aaaaand theeeen . . . the images and links to download the pages mysteriously disappeared from my blog so y'all couldn't even download the ones I had made.  And in trying to fix that issue I realized I had lost about half of the pages I made when our computer crashed last year, so it has taken me some time to get everything up and running again.  Now that I'm back to square one, I'm repenting and committing to complete this project by the end of the year {or shortly thereafter...}.

For those of you who are stumbling upon Scripture Post-its

for the first time, Welcome!

Scripture Post-Its are pages of quotes, mostly from the LDS Institute Book of Mormon manual, that can be printed onto post-it notes and stuck in your scriptures.  Years ago I started making these post-its to enhance my scripture study. As I studied the Book of Mormon throughout the week I would mark the quotes in the Institute manual that I want to have in my scriptures to clarify or expand on doctrine and then I would sit down Sunday evening to type them all up.  It may be a little dorky, I'll admit, but I LOVE my giant scriptures, all chock-full of information. I got teased a little {in a good-natured manner, of course} in ward council once when I whipped out my GIANT Book of Mormon to share a spiritual thought.  That's OK.  I know everyone is just jealous.  Whatevs. 

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HUGE Holiday Giveaway and Guest Posting at Skip To My Lou today!

DIY Stick Reindeer pattern download and tutorial at /
Today I’m over at Skip to My Lou as part of the Bake Craft Sew & Decorate series. I am sharing a DIY Stick Reindeer tutorial , these are quick to whip up for holiday gift giving. In fact, you won’t want to miss all the handmade gift ideas! I have joined over 100 bloggers to share some amazing homemade gift ideas……..Plus I get to be part of an amazing sewing giveaway too. See Below…


This is one is sew AMAZING! She is a gem and her name is Rachel.


One lucky winner will receive this beautiful…
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Ready to take your sewing to the next level? The Baby Lock Rachel is the star of any sewing class, and she's here to help you. This computerized sewing machine is equipped with 50 stitches and push-button features to make every project easier. The value is $799. Click here for more details.
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Washi Tape Crafts Book Review

Washi Tape Crafts Book Review at /
Hi guys!  Today I’m sharing a fun gift idea with y’all.  This one is not hand-made itself, but will inspire the creative person in your life to make some pretty cool stuff.  And hey, maybe they’ll give that cool stuff to you as a gift, so the joy will come full circle.  It’s like a gift you give yourself.  Win-win!  I recently received a copy of Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything (Workman; October 2015) by Amy Anderson, creator of Mod Podge Rocks blog, to review.  Guys, this book is so fun!!  

Washi Tape Crafts Book Review at /

It is packed chock-full of cool ideas for things to do with washi tape.  What’s more, you receive 10 FREE ROLLS OF WASHI TAPE in custom-designed patterns made especially for this book, so you can get straight to crafting when {not if} you see an idea you love!  From something as simple as glamming up your keys, to creating feather napkin rings, there is something everyone will want to do after reading this book.  

I’m thinking stocking stuffers for my daughter and her friends, or simple gifts for my co-workers since they all know I’m “crafty”, but I don’t really get to share that part of my life with them on the job.  

Looking for more washi-tape inspiration?  Here are a few things I have done with washi-tape here on the blog:

Washi Tape Crafts Book Review at /

Washi Tape Crafts Book Review at /

Washi Tape Crafts Book Review at /

Happy Holidays, friends!



Parmesan and Artichoke Puffs

Parmesan and Artichoke Puffs recipe at /
With Halloween behind us, the "holiday season" is officially here!  Thanksgiving is amazing because it has all the warm-fuzzies of the "The Holidays" without the pressure of Christmas Perfection.  {Am I the only one who struggles with that?}  Plus, my family staunchly supports the idea of a food-based holiday.  Sure, we take time to reflect on the things for which we are grateful -- our family and friends -- and we make a concerted to spend time with them, renewing our loving bonds, but NO get-together with family and friends in November {of all months} would be complete without delicious food, amIright?! 

We usually end up in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving with many, if not all, of my siblings and their families.  It is a non-stop four day fun fest of baking and eating, intermingled with card games and football.  Best. Holiday. Ever.  We usually make a lot of the same foods every year, because . . . tradition and all that . . . but it is fun to switch it up and add a new twist on an old favorite once in a while.  This year I've taken my aunt's recipe for Artichoke Dip from our well-loved family cookbook and given it a simple little makeover with crescent dough sheets.  These Parmesan and Artichoke Puffs would be a perfect appetizer for any holiday get-together!

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