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Welcome to The Butler House Blog

Hi guys!  If you have come here looking for My 3 Monsters, you are in the right place!! Read on...

I'm kicking off 2018 with a big new blogging adventure.  I started writing My 3 Monsters back in 2008 -- a DECADE ago! -- as a way to journal and keep in touch with my family.  With a little hard work and a lot of good old fashioned luck, my online journal about my kids and my hobbies has grown into a small business. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have had over the past ten years and the amazing people who have supported my growth.  

A lot changes over the course of a decade.  My three little kids -- the "monsters" who inspired this blog's name -- are not so little any more.  They have grown into amazing, talented young adults who are preparing to leave the roost, so to speak.  The loving moniker "monster" no longer fits them.  And as I think about my personal future, I have a new vision of what I want to do and be.  The day-in, day-out tasks of young motherhood, which were all-consuming ten years ago, are no longer my reality as I look at becoming an "empty-nester" with my husband in the next few years.    

I earned a degree in interior design from Brigham Young University twenty-some years ago and have always longed for an opportunity to use that skill set in a more meaningful way.  I've shared some things we've done around our house here on the blog and I've done some design work for local friends, but I've always wanted more.  

So, what is changing?  With this new name and the coming blog redesign, you will see a clearer focus on my real loves -- the things that make a house a home: 

  • DIY Tutorials that will hopefully inspire you to put some blood, sweat and tears into your own homes like we have ours.
  • Room Redesigns with style boards as well as before & afters so you can see how to bring an idea into reality and add some polish to your spaces.
  • Food and Entertaining ideas because serving friends and family in your home is what gives it life.
  • I'll also be venturing into the world of E-Design Services soon, for those of you who want a little one-on-one decorating magic for your spaces at a fraction of the price of hiring an interior designer.

What's up with the new name?  I was hoping someone would ask!  Years ago, as a newlywed with a design degree burning a hole in my pocket, I dreamed of one day owning a home that I could turn into a real showstopper.  A place to try out everything I had ever learned and every idea I had ever had.  Three children, two apartments, and one rental house later, my little family finally bought our first house.  A tiny 1400 square foot, 3 bedroom fixer-upper in a good, quiet neighborhood.  On Butler Street.  

Thirteen years later, we still live in "the Butler House" and love it -- usually.  I have decorated and re-decorated every inch of space inside these walls, made a million mistakes, and am ultimately discovering what it takes to create a loving, cozy, beautiful home.  This home has given me a design education at least equal to anything I learned in school.  I hope to share everything the Butler House has taught me over the years.  I also hope y'all will come back again and again and that you'll find this little online home as warm and welcoming as we try to make our real-life home.  

How will I find you?  At AND at / .  Same site at both addresses.  I know this is all confusing! As I work on re-branding some of my old content and transitioning everything over from Blogger to Wordpress, I will keep the new posts coming here at / for the time being, but with a new name and focus.  When I'm all set up in my new home, y'all will be the first to know . . .  and I think you will love it!  Hopefully it will be a seamless transition (*fingers crossed*) and you, my loyal readers, will notice vastly improved content and ease of navigation.    

And if you ever find yourself in Arizona, feel free to stop by the Butler House and say hello. We'll probably be in the middle of a project, sweaty and in disarray, but we happily take any opportunity to grab a Coke Zero, sit down, and chat!!

Have a great day, friends!!

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