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Spooky Snacks: Orange Fanta Floats and OREO Straws

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Hi guys!  It's October again . . . FINALLY!  As an October baby, I have always thought this was the best month of the year.  Cooler weather {even here in Arizona} ... leaves changing ... HALLOWEEN!!  October has it all. 

I used to obsess over my kids' costumes and spend the entire month making sure they looked perfect for trick-or-treating.  Now that they're all teenagers, they pretty much take care of their own costumes and they don't really go trick-or-treating, but we still have a blast on Halloween.  We have a big Halloween-themed dinner and fun activities for the kids and their friends while we pass out candy.  This year we'll be serving DELICIOUS Orange Fanta Floats with OREO Straws while the kids decorate their own OREOS.

This is a really easy party to throw together for your kids.  Just one trip to Walmart and you can pick up everything you need -- Fanta, OREO cookies, sherbet, frosting and sprinkles.  Easy cheesy!!

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /

 Embellished OREO Straws

OREO cookies {you will need 2 cookies for each straw}
paper straws
white frosting
assorted sprinkles, small candies, and embellishments

1.  Open OREO cookies.  You will use the two halves with cream for the straw -- save the other two cookie pieces to crush and used for rimming glasses for your floats.  {See photos below.}
2.  Sandwich the straw in between the two cookies with cream, leaving about an inch of straw free at the top for drinking. You may need a dab of frosting to stick them together.
3.  Pipe a line of frosting around the edge of the cookies.  We bought the frosting in the "spray can" with interchangeable tips which made this really easy!
4.  Roll the edges on sprinkles.
5.  Decorate the face of the cookie using more frosting and candy embellishments, like these adorable googly eyes.
6.  Lay flat for several minutes to allow the frosting to "set" a little bit and hold the cookie in place on the straw. 

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /

Super cute, right?  No one will believe how easy they are to make.  I love it when snacks and craft projects collide!  For the kiddos, we will do almost the exact same thing, minus the straws.  We will set out frosting and all kinds of candy embellishments and let them go nuts creating their own embellished OREO creations while they enjoy yummy Fanta Floats.

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /

Orange Fanta Floats

Lime Sherbet
Fanta Orange Soda {the mini-cans are almost the perfect size . . . and super adorable!}
Crushed OREOs for rimming the glasses {optional -- use the OREO pieces leftover from making your straws}

1.  Begin by rimming the glasses.  Placed crushed OREOs in a shallow bowl.  Place a small amount of water in another shallow bowl.  Dip the rim of each glass in water, then in the OREO crumbs to coat.  It works best if you do this step at least an hour ahead of time so the crumbs have time to dry and really stick to the glasses. 
2.  Scoop sherbet into your glasses.  It's OK if it melts a little bit -- this will help the flavors mix and make it extra delicious.
3.  Pour Orange Fanta into glasses on top of sherbet and serve immediately. 

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /
I love the orange and green together -- perfect for a Halloween party. If your kids are like mine, these glasses of citrus-y yumminess will be gone in a flash! 

#SpookySnacks for Halloween: Fanta Floats and OREO Straws at /
Want more delicious Halloween party food ideas?  Evette Rios, host of the CBS show Recipe Rehab, is creating custom, Walmart-exclusive recipes that combines both Fanta and OREO products. Check them out here!  What will your family be doing for Halloween this year?

Have a great day, friends!


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