My 3 Monsters: Chalk Art Pumpkin Pie Recipe and {Free} Printable Version

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Chalk Art Pumpkin Pie Recipe and {Free} Printable Version

Pumpkin Pie Chalk Art Printable at /
Hi guys!  I loved my grateful kitchen chalkboard so much that we kept it for a really long time -- like almost a year. Yikes!  I've let a few things slide since I started working full time. I decided it was high-time to create something new.  But, since I know how busy the next several months are going to be -- and I'm realistic about my energy level --  I wanted a design that would take us right through to Christmas.  I've been admiring chalk art recipes on Pinterest for a while and wanted to try my hand at creating one of my own.  Since fall is "Pumpkin Everything" season . . . Voila!  This Chalk Art Pumpkin Pie Recipe was born!

Forgive the imperfections -- I pretty much just free-handed it on the chalkboard after generally sketching it out on graph paper.  It was a little trickier than I had imagined it would be fitting all the words in, but I love the end result! Since I know many of you don't have chalk boards this size, or don't think you can do chalk art {you are wrong!}, I created a couple of printable versions as well.

Pumpkin Pie Chalk Art Printable at /

Pumpkin Pie Chalk Art Printable at /

Click the links below to download the printable images from my Dropbox for your personal use:

My kids wanted to know if you could actually make a pumpkin pie with this recipe.  The answer is yes!  You would have to guess at the measurements for the spices, but other than that, this is the real recipe for a traditional pumpkin pie.  It makes me super happy and fits perfectly in my country cottage kitchen!!

 Happy fall, friends!


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